Difficult to Dig Head, How the story of the Honda CBR1000RR is stuck on the hood of a car engine, dragged for miles!


The Honda CBR1000RR clattered in the hood of the minivan and the driver ignored it

Otomania.com – What’s on your mind when you see the Honda CBR1000RR stuck in front of the hood of this car?

What makes me not understand, the motorbike is already stuck on the hood of the car but the driver still ignores it.

As a result of sparks due to friction between the metal allegedly from the rim and swingarm that collided with the asphalt sprayed along the road.

From a video originally uploaded by the @carsforsaleriverside Instagram account and released by @buzzfeednews on Thursday (06/25/2020), the car drove on Highway 91, Southern California, United States.

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Initially the driver who recorded thought the car was trailing the Honda CBR1000RR at very close range (tailgating).

But he felt strange when he saw a spark that spurts from under the car.

Feeling something was wrong, he immediately aligned his car and saw a motorbike that had popped into the hood of the minivan.

What is absurd and makes wrinkles head, the driver of the car looks relaxed and ignorant just driving like there is no problem.

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