Different Epidemiologists Opinion about Masking Alone in the Car

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Epidemiologist from the Association of Indonesian Public Health Experts (IAKMI) Hermawan Saputra asked officers not to take action against violations of use face mask in yustisi operation. According to Hermawan, officers also need to understand virus transmission covid-19.

“The most important thing is understanding the transmission process (covid-19 virus). Not just rules, officers play ticketing, play fines,” said Hermawan when contacted. CNNIndonesia.com, Thursday (17/9).

Previously, there was a crowd on social media of a video about the prosecution by Satpol PP and police officers in the justisi operation uploaded to the account @lambe_turah.

In its upload, the account shows a video of a driver being punished by officers for not wearing a mask. The driver admitted that he only lowered the mask to breathe.

The incident started when he was driving alone in the car. According to the driver’s statement, after only two seconds of lowering the mask, the officers immediately took action against him.

In this regard, according to Hermawan, officers should be more selective in taking action. Someone who is in a private car and alone, it is natural not to wear a mask.

“If only one passenger or one driver brings his own car, there is no business to take action against him, because a more precise understanding of the use of masks is the potential for transmission,” said Hermawan.

This is excluded if there are two or more people in the car, the use of masks is important. According to Hermawan, officers must also ensure that the passenger and driver in the car are still in the same family or not.

“If there are a pair of people or more, the use of masks is important. But if a driver doesn’t wear a mask, what’s the problem,” he said.

“For example, a husband and wife in a car, even one person who uses a mask is not a problem,” he added.

Hermawan then highlighted the emergence of a crowd as a result of the action. According to him, officers in the field must also anticipate so that the Justisi operation does not cause new clusters of infection.

“The purpose of discipline is to prevent us from potential transmission of the corona virus that causes Covid, so it should be wise not to cause crowds, accumulation,” he concluded.

Moreover, he said, residents who violated it could have reasoned not to be prosecuted by the officers. That, according to him, has been commonplace.

Joint officers from the TNI, Polri, Dishub and Satpol PP held a COVID-19 Protocol Operation Yustisi in the Jati Padang area, Jakarta, Thursday, September 17, 2020. (CNN Indonesia / Bisma Septalisma)

On the other hand, University of Indonesia (UI) epidemiologist Pandu Riono assessed that the officers’ actions in the justice operation were correct. According to Pandu, the rules for using masks should be obeyed.

“If someone is being prosecuted, that’s normal. People can argue that they just opened their masks. But they were caught when they opened them, they admitted they had opened them. Want seconds, minutes, hours, that’s not a consideration. Anyway, caught in the act,” said Pandu.

Pandu also asked residents who were still active outside the home to comply with the rules for using masks. According to him, this is one of the best steps to avoid the Covid-19 virus.

“You still have to follow the protocol even in the car alone. If this protocol is not allowed (take off the mask), it has been followed,” he said.

CNNIndonesia.com have tried to confirm the incident to the DKI Satpol PP. However, until this news was written, Head of Satpol PP DKI Arifin did not respond to the questions raised.

The yustisi operation was held in the context of monitoring health protocols during the tightening of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) in DKI Jakarta.

The yustisi operation was held at eight points, including the Tangerang border Friday Market, the Bekasi Border Independence Street, Kalimalang, Kalideres, Tugu Tani, Asia Afrika, HI Roundabout, and Semanggi.

Operations are also carried out mobile by way of patrol by joint personnel. There are 6,800 joint personnel deployed in this 24-hour operation.


[Gambas:Video CNN]


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