Known for being cruel, the younger sister of the ruler of North Korea has disappeared mysteriously, has added lessons about Kim Jong Un for school students every day! – All Pages

Sosok.ID – Each country usually has its own subjects to foster a love of their country in school students.

Like Indonesia, which provides Pancasila and History Education subjects.

However, it is different from a country that is very closed from the outside world on this one.

It is not even the education of loving the country that is taught to all school students there.

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It is a sense of love and pride for the leaders or rulers of their country which is instilled in school.

This is the case in North Korea, even recently the subject called Great Education was changed by the ruler’s younger brother, Kim Yo Jong.

Earlier, children in North Korea were told to learn about the top leader there, Kim Jong Un.

Launch from Daily NK, the material is a policy issued by Kim Yo Jong who is none other than Kim Jong Un’s younger brother.

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The policy concerns changes to the school curriculum in North Korea.

Usually each student will get this subject for 30 minutes every day.

However, due to changes made by Kim Yo Jong in the education system there, school students are required to learn about Kim Jong Un for 90 minutes a day.

Launch from The Australian, Wednesday (16/9/2020) previously school students focused on the founders of North Korea Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il who were none other than Kim Jong Un’s grandfather and father.

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They focused on the “greatness” and glorification of the third generation Kim who had the power to replace Kim Jong Il in 2011.

But after issuing a policy of changing the education curriculum including subjects about his brother to school students, Kim Yo Jong reportedly disappeared.

The younger brother of North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, Kim Yo Jong has not appeared in public for 1 month.

Reported Chosun IlboLast week, the National Intelligence Service told the National Intelligence Assembly Committee that the senior Kim (Kim Jong Un) has left all affairs and power to his younger brother, Kim Yo Jong.

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The last time Kim Yo Jong was seen in public was around July 27 when he stood by Kim Jong Un handing the gun to military leaders at the 67th anniversary of the Korean War ceasefire.

Yet since March, Kim Yo Jong has been aggressively appearing at every important meeting or announcement of his country.

Including the destruction of the liaison office between North and South Korea in Kaesong in June.

But on Wednesday, when Kim Jong Un discussed the response to Typhoon Bavi and the spread of the coronavirus in his country, his younger sister was nowhere to be seen.

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Even though the event was attended by most of the senior members of the Labor Party, who in fact Kim Yo Jong is a candidate for Politburo member.

Experts believe that Yo Jong hid himself from public attention for fear of speculation from outside about his status in the regime.

“In the past, anyone was deprived of their position when they were described as number 2 in the North,” said Prof. Nam Sung-wook of Korea University.

“There should be a check and balances appearance, even though Kim Yo-jong is a family member.”

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According to CNN on Wednesday, absence Kim Yo Young “Unusual, but can be explained with the usual reasons such as illness or other business to take care of”. (*)


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