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Debunked: White Blood Clots Linked to mRNA COVID Vaccine – Experts Confirm Natural Phenomenon

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According to experts and health authorities, “White blood clots” found in the body of the deceased This is contrary to claims by a neurologist who said white blood clots are a new phenomenon linked to the mRNA COVID vaccine. Such claims and images “White blood clots” were shared on social media. Medical experts and national health agencies have confirmed that These white blood clots can be found at an autopsy. and was found in the bodies of people who died before the outbreak and use of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“People who have not yet died or who have died from the Covid vaccine, mRNA has found: white sagging rods (white clot) resembling the tentacles of a squid. Never encountered this before.” Professor Dr. Teerawat Hemajutha wrote on Facebook on February 19, 2024.

Dr. Teerawat’s post shared an image claiming to be The “white blood clot” is a screenshot from a YouTube video clip of John Campbell, a retired British nurse and YouTuber who has been spreading misinformation about the COVID outbreak. -19 here this and this

The post also references Arnie. Burkhardt German researchers, seen by AFP, have examined previous false claims about the vaccine atthis and this

The post was continuously shared on social media. It received more than 8,500 likes and more than 7,300 shares.

A screenshot of the Facebook post sharing the claim.

Later, Dr. Teerawat appeared on television and talked about his “discovery”.Blood clotsFound in the bodies of people who received the mRNA vaccine.

“Before there was a vaccine This has never been done before,” he said.Give an interview on airOn February 20, 2024

The same claim was also published on Thai social media atthis this and this

The claim refers to Campbell’s YouTube videos, such as atthis this and this He claims to have discovered white blood clots in the bodies of people who were vaccinated during the Covid outbreak.

Screenshot of John Campbell’s YouTube video ‘White clots USA, Part 2’.

However, experts and health authorities in Thailand stated that The images shared in these false posts are synonymous with Postmortem blood clots, or blood that precipitates after death. which was found in the body of the deceased And it is not a new phenomenon at all.

Blood clots after death

The National Vaccine Institute of Thailand hasPublish a statementon February 21, 2024, clarifying that the white blood clots seen in the image are not related to the mRNA COVID vaccine (Record link)

“The foreign body image referred to is not a blood disorder caused by mRNA vaccination,” the statement said. “It is just the precipitation of protein components of the blood that occurs after death. (postmortem blood clot)”

The statement further stated that the blood clot after death was “It is a natural phenomenon that is normally found in deceased persons. and has been found since before the outbreak or the use of the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Lieutenant Commander Dr. Atthasit Dul-Amnuay, a doctor from the Department of Forensic Medicine Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital said the white blood clots seen are a natural occurrence and are often found in deceased bodies.

“When I dissect corpses, I regularly find blood clots like this. which has nothing to do with the mRNA vaccine,” Atthasit told AFP on February 27, 2024.

Likewise, Dr.Thanee Thaniyawan Professor of pulmonary disease, critical care and lung transplantation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, said the nature of The blood clot that appeared in the false post It’s similar to a blood clot after death.

“Its appearance is exactly like postmortem blood clot,” Dr. Thanee said on February 23, 2024. “It doesn’t have a rough surface like antemortem blood clot, so I have doubts.”

Dr. Thanee added that The causes of white blood clots can be caused by many factors, such as overweight and obesity, diabetes, smoking, or even COVID-19 infection.

Vaccines to prevent COVID and blood clots

European Medicines Agency (EMA) and Public Health Agency of Canadasaythat blood clots are a “rare” side effect of certain COVID-19 vaccinations, such as AstraZeneca vaccine (AstraZeneca), which is a vaccine that uses a virus as a vector But no such side effects were found in the mRNA vaccine. In addition, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that Very few blood clots have been found in people who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which uses a virus-based vaccine similar to the AstraZeneca vaccine.Record link)

The same claim has been made before. An embalming officer in the United States claimed to have found unusual blood clots in the bodies of people vaccinated against COVID-19. AFP investigated the claim and published a report in 2022.

David Samadja Professor of hematology at George Pompidou Hospital in Paris stressed that there is no data to suggest that mRNA vaccines such as the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are effective. causing the risk of birthThrombosis Thrombosis, a condition in which blood clots block blood flow in blood vessels (Record link atthis and this)

In addition, research published in medical journals The Lancet (The Lancet) in 2021 also concluded that the risk of blood clots in patients infected with COVID-19 That was significantly more than those who received the mRNA vaccine.

AFP previously reviewed claims about COVID-19 vaccines here.

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