Death of a Ukrainian in Wroclaw. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland said that some of the police have already been punished

Wonsik was asked about the reaction of the ministry to the death of a Ukrainian in Wroclaw and a Polish citizen in Lublin. Both died after being detained by the police and probably as a result of the actions of law enforcement officers.

There is already a reaction. A prosecutor’s investigation has begun in Lublin, and I am convinced that it will help clarify the circumstances of this case. There is different evidence there. If we talk about the situation with the sobering-up station [во Вроцлаве], then some of the police have already been punished, “the vice minister replied, without specifying what kind of punishment he was talking about.

He added that “the guilty must be severely punished, but on the other hand, collective responsibility cannot be resorted to. “


Nikiforenko died on July 30, but his death received wide publicity only on September 2, after the publication of Gazeta Wyborcza, which says that the Ukrainian was detained that evening and taken to the sobering-up center and then severely beaten by law enforcement officers.

After the publication of the death of the Ukrainian, four police officers were suspended from work, the dismissal procedure was initiated for two, reported in the office of the city police of Wroclaw. They insist that Nikiforenko behaved aggressively, although the material from Gazeta Wyborcza suggests otherwise.

The case from Wroclaw was transferred to the Swidnica prosecutor’s office to avoid possible accusations of bias. There him being investigated as unintentional bringing to death, said the spokesman of the department Tomasz Orepuk. He did not rule out that after the examination, the qualifications of the case may be changed.

The Polish media called this case “the second case of Igor Stakhovyak”: in May 2016, 25-year-old Stakhovyak, who had been tortured by law enforcement officers before that, died in the Wroclaw police station, wrote Onet… Four former police officers were then found guilty of abuse of power, mental and physical violence against the detainee and sentenced to imprisonment from two to 2.5 years.

Ukraine due to the death of Nikiforenko sent a note to Poland.



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