Danger! General Vaccinations Decreased, Indonesia Should Be Beware of Twindemics


JAKARTAVaccinationis calledWHO and CDC as one of the best prevention efforts in public health. Vaccination has received public attention and is discussed by many people, especially since the news went viral the COVID-19 vaccine.

Public awareness and knowledge of the importance of vaccination is also increasing. But what happened to the various vaccination services or even the National Immunization Program (PIN)?

Various global and national organizations, including Unicef, WHO, the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC), and the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) have recorded a drastic decline in users of immunization services for infants and children to adults around the world, including Indonesia.

This is because many parents are worried about visiting vaccine centers such as hospitals, puskesmas and posyandu. Even though all these health centers have adopted strict health protocols.

Although infant immunization services have started to increase again, the number of requests has not returned to normal. Meanwhile, adult vaccination is still very bad to date.

Not to mention that there are still various challenges that have come from various parties and interest groups. Anti-vaccination and hesitancy vaccines have been around for a long time and this has resulted in various diseases that have not been successfully controlled, let alone eradicated according to WHO targets.

“The politicization of vaccination has begun to be widely gossiped about by the public regarding the COVID-19 vaccine that will be launched. If it is too late (vaccination decreases), the impact can be felt in a matter of months,” said Dr. Kristoforus Hendra Djaya, SpPD, MBA, Advisor of Yayasan Bersatu Sehatkan Indonesia. .

He emphasized that this is where the role of doctors as the spearhead in educating the public is very important. Doctors must be able to restore public confidence in the importance of immunization, increase immunization coverage, and ultimately save more lives and prevent Twindemics, an epidemic in a pandemic due to reduced immunization coverage.


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