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Cuban is found guilty of transporting migrants from Mexico to the US – 2024-02-23 07:48:23

A citizen of Cuban origin was found guilty of 10 counts of human trafficking after being caught trying to transport several people between Mexico and the United States in late 2023.

According to the media America TeVéthe Cuban was identified as Illeysel Carcassés, 38 years old.

The trial against him lasted two days in a federal court in Corpus Christi, in the state of Texas, where the jury deliberated for almost an hour and a half before finding him guilty.

District Judge David S. Morales, in charge of the case, indicated that the hearing to declare the sentence will take place on May 8. Due to the charges, Carcassés could face up to five years in federal prison, plus a fine of up to $250,000.

According to the aforementioned media, the incident occurred on November 13, 2023, when the Cuban was detained at a Border Patrol checkpoint in Sarita, Texas.

During a routine inspection, officers discovered five undocumented individuals hiding in a refrigerated warehouse of the truck that Carcassés was driving.

During said arrest, the Cuban claimed that he did not have the keys to the container, but the authorities found them inside the cabin of the truck. Likewise, the officers reviewed the detainee’s cell phone, and its records helped confirm the place where the undocumented immigrants were picked up.

Similar cases in Texas

This is not the first time that a citizen of the Island has been detained in the state of Texas while transporting several illegal migrants, since at least four similar cases occurred during 2023.

In April, a man whose name was not revealed was laid after he refused to stop his U-Haul truck during a routine stopwhich generated a chase.

After this, the subject parked in a wooded area, and several undocumented people ran out of the vehicle, who were arrested shortly after.

That same month, a Cuban couple was arrested in Kinney County, accused of carrying out human trafficking activities. These were identified as Rainel Lázaro Silies and Limay Gálvez González, who were caught transporting five undocumented immigrants inside their vehicle.

In June, a young Cuban identified as Idonis Fernando Morales Núñez He was arrested by officers from the Zavala County Sheriff’s Office., after he led a chase. His vehicle was intercepted, and four undocumented immigrants emerged from inside and tried to escape before being arrested.

In July, A young Cuban identified as Eduardo Aradas was arrested after leading a dangerous chase in the opposite direction aboard a truck.

Authorities indicated that Arada committed a traffic violation and was ordered to stop the trailer, but he refused and increased the speed.

The vehicle was stopped, and the police discovered that it was transporting at least 12 undocumented migrants.

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