Cruel! Taliban Beheads Afghan Female Volleyball Athlete and Shares Her Photos on Social Media

PR TASIKMALAYA – militant group Taliban had executed a young woman who was one of the athlete flights Afghanistan.

A woman named Mahjab Judge It is athlete highly ranked in the football club flights Kabul City and is thought to be in his 20s.

Athlete Mahjab Judge was punished by beheading and then his photos were spread on social media.

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Quoted of the Mirror, the massacre of the athlete by the jihadists was told by his former coach.

In an interview with The Persian Independent, he mentioned that Taliban share photos of corpses Mahjab Judge by online.

Sang athlete actually died in execution earlier this month, but it can only be reported now.

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The reason is because of family Mahjab Judge threatened by the Islamist militant group if he spoke up.



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