Crucial moment. What Biden talked about at the UN

Biden’s first speech at the General Assembly as President of the United States is considered by many to be the main event of the session. His predecessor used this platform to promote his America First Policy.

Joe Biden spoke for the first time at a session of the UN General Assembly as President of the United States. The world is at a turning point in history, he said, and the new decade will be decisive for humanity. gives the main messages of the American leader.

Coronavirus pandemic

Biden called the current era “a time of great pain and incredible opportunity.” Each of the 4.5 million coronavirus-related deaths is a tragedy, the head of the White House said.

Today, the US President noted, the world is at a fork in the road, and it is necessary to look to the future, preparing for a new era – the era of stubborn diplomacy, since it alone is capable of responding to the challenges of the future.

The American leader noted that the United States has “returned” and is committed to international organizations and associations such as the European Union, NATO, the World Health Organization and ASEAN.

The US is taking on new commitments in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, he said. He did not give details, but according to AP, it is about the purchase of one billion doses of Pfizer vaccine for poor countries – twice as much as the US previously planned, and more than donations from other countries combined.

No war

The US does not seek to unleash a new Cold War and split the world, Biden said. He stressed that Washington will continue to support friends and allies in resisting economic pressure, disinformation and attempts by “stronger countries” to forcefully change the territories of “weaker countries.”

“But we are not looking, I emphasize, we are not seeking a cold war or a divided world,” the American leader said, noting that the United States is ready to interact with any countries, even in the presence of serious disagreements, since it suffers from the lack of joint solutions. all.

He pledged that military force would be the last tool his country would resort to, an alternative to engaging with allies on the ground.

Note that now Western countries are experiencing a diplomatic crisis due to Australia’s decision to abandon the contract for French submarines in favor of an agreement with the United States and Britain as part of the creation of a new military bloc AUKUS. About this in detail in the material. Discord submarines.

Returning to the Iran deal

The United States is ready to return to the observance of the nuclear deal with Iran if Tehran takes similar steps, the American president said. He assured that Washington is committed that Iran should not have nuclear weapons.

“We are working with the 5 + 1 Group to diplomatically bring Iran back into compliance with the JCPOA [Совместный всеобъемлющий план действий по иранской ядерной программе]… We are ready to return to full compliance [соглашения]if Iran does the same, “he said.

Recognition of Palestine

Touching upon the topic of the Middle East conflict, Biden said that the “best way” to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian problem is to create two states. The United States’ commitment to Israel’s security is beyond question, he said.

“But I still believe that a two-state solution is the best way to secure the future of Israel, so that a democratic Jewish state lives in peace with a viable, sovereign and democratic Palestinian state … We are far from this goal, but we must not give up from striving for progress, “he said.

Climate change

Biden devoted much of his speech to climate protection. The American leader appealed to UN delegates from all over the world with an appeal to solve the problem of climate change.

“These are the problems that determine what the world of our children and our grandchildren will look like and what they will inherit,” he said.

In addition, the President announced Washington’s readiness to double its assistance to developing countries in their fight against global warming, which will make the United States a pioneer in the field of government funding for climate programs.

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