Crocodile pounced on missing child in West Sumatra found dead


Nisa (9), the missing elementary school girl attacked by a crocodile in Batang Masang River, Manggopoh State, Agam Regency, West Sumatra (Boast), was found dead. The victim was found 3 kilometers from the missing location.

The head of the Agam BKSDA, Ade Putra, said the victim’s body was found on Monday (17/1/2022), at around 17.30 WIB. Nisa is known to have disappeared after being attacked by a crocodile on Monday morning, at around 06.30 WIB, after taking a morning shower before leaving for school.

“That’s right. The victim has been found. His position is about three kilometers from the initial location,” Ade said when contacted, Monday (17/1) night.

Ada then revealed the condition of the victim’s body when it was found. Ade said that on the victim’s body, there were several bite marks.

“There are only a few animal bite marks. But the victim’s (body) is intact,” he said.

The victim’s body was immediately taken to the funeral home. In accordance with the family’s request, no autopsy was performed on the body.

Nisa was attacked by a crocodile after taking a bath before going to school. Nisa was pounced on by a crocodile in front of Mila, her own sister.

To the officers and Wali Nagari Manggopoh. Ridwan Dt. Tumbijo, Mila recounted the moments of the incident.

According to Mila, she and her sister had just finished bathing in the Batang Masang river in Saetah. They want school that morning. Nisa sits on the elementary school bench, while Mila is a vocational student.

After bathing, Mila and her sister went home. They walked along the river bank. When the road is a bit uphill, Mila walks in front. At that time, he was shocked, because he heard the sound of something falling.

“When approaching home, Mila walked in front, and her sister Nisa walked behind. Not far from the riverbank, Mila heard a strange sound, the sound of someone falling on the ground, so Mila looked back. It turned out that her sister’s body was already in the crocodile’s mouth, ” said Ridwan.

In a panic, Mila tried to pull her sister’s body from the crocodile’s mouth. However, the crocodile was already in the river and quickly ran away from Nisa’s body. Mila continued to pursue, but failed.


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