BMW does not want to give up six-cylinder or eight-cylinder, it is developing completely new large engines

While many automakers are fully into electromobility and plan to halt the development of new internal combustion engines, BMW has revealed that it is working on a new generation of petrol and diesel six- and eight-cylinder engines.

The Bavarians want to achieve the necessary emission reductions to a level that complies with regulations, not only thanks to the electric part of the drive, for example in the form of a mild hybrid. New technologies directly inside the combustion units should also play a role, which may achieve the highest efficiency and economy in the last campaign.

Weber said the carmaker would need “state-of-the-art internal combustion engines for several years to effectively reduce CO2 emissions in the passenger car sector worldwide.” This means, among other things, that the situation may be different for BMW in the most lace-up Europe.

“We are working on a new generation of engines: petrol, diesel, six-cylinder, eight-cylinder,” he said, adding that “the six-cylinder engine alone reduces CO2 emissions more massively than in the case of a generational change.”

“To match emissions requirements on the one hand and performance requirements on the other, we looked at the whole charging cycle and found a promising approach,” he said of the plug-in hybrid units.

Weber also said that the new generation of engines will have “something completely new in the cylinder head” and believes that “overall CO2 reduction is essential in the fight against climate change”, whether achieved through the use of more advanced internal combustion engines or hybrid or electric drive.

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