Create Funny Fake Conversations with the WhatsApp Fake Chat Application: Step-by-Step Guide and Benefits

Find out how to use the fake WhatsApp chat application to create fake conversations and play pranks on your friends.


Do you miss your friends who are busy and can’t give you their time like before? If so, don’t wait any longer to bother them and make a prank to get their attention again by using the fake WhatsApp chat application. With this application, you can create fake conversations with anyone, including celebrities or important people in your friends’ lives. You can even share the fake conversation image with your friends and see their reactions.

How to Use the WhatsApp Fake Chat Application Step-by-Step

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the fake WhatsApp chat application:

Desktop / Mobile View

After opening the app, you will find an option at the top that shows “Desktop View” or “Mobile View”. Choose one according to your needs. When you select one of these options, a page will be displayed according to the choice you made.

Edit Header & Footer

Unfortunately, headers are useless in desktop view, whether you select them or not. However, if you click “Hide Footer”, the footer will automatically be hidden.

In mobile view, you will see the options as sections, namely “Hide Header” or “Hide Footer”. The header contains battery percentage, time, network, or internet mode, be it wifi or mobile network. The footer includes a text input box labeled “type message”.

If you choose the mobile view, you have to choose the phone layout, namely Android or iPhone. The header will make your prank look real, so you can choose the time and battery percentage according to your wishes. But if you choose to hide the Header, then you don’t need to fill in that information. Additionally, for the footer, the same applies as for the desktop view.

Edit Detail Profile

The best part comes now! You can directly edit the name, upload a profile photo, and change the last status and date by clicking the pencil icon in position. You can enter data according to your needs.

Edit Sender & Recipient Details

Prank starts now! Start typing a message by clicking the text input box labeled “message.” Once you click on it, you will find various options such as the sender or recipient of the message, the time the message was sent, or the message delivery status.


If this is a one-person conversation and you want to send a message, click “sender”. Or if you want to have a reply to the message, just click on “recipient” and type the reply. After you have finished typing a fake message in this WhatsApp chat generator, click “send” to send or receive the message.

Chat Group

Not only that, if you want to create a fake group conversation, then you can use the same fake WhatsApp group chat generator. You only need to upload a profile photo and give your group a name. Where the last seen status is, add the names of the participants. Now you are ready to create a group conversation.

If you want to send a message from your side, click “sender” and type the message. Or, if you want to get messages from a specific recipient in a group conversation, just enter their name in the “recipient” field. (You can also easily change the color of the recipient’s name by clicking the brush icon.)

Follow these steps to create a fake joke message for WhatsApp in a group conversation.

Download / Reset Chat

You can download a WhatsApp conversation as an image by clicking “Download WhatsApp Conversation as Image,” or you can reset the conversation by clicking “Reset WhatsApp Conversation.” You can share this joke chat with your friends and tease them.

How Does Fake Chat Generator Work?

You can use a fake chat generator to create fake messages. This has nothing to do with the WhatsApp community at all. You should use this fake chat generator only for fun and entertainment.

The goal of WhatsApp Fake Chats is to imitate real conversations. The screenshot of your conversation will look like a screenshot from WhatsApp so you can easily prank anyone. Change chat message times, delivery status, someone’s online status, whether they’re typing or temporarily offline, and more. Enjoy the various features of this fake WhatsApp chat generator and have some fun.

Benefits of Using a Fake Chat Generator

There are many good benefits of using a WhatsApp fake chat generator, such as getting someone’s attention, feeling pleasure or intention to solve problems between people in a genuine way, and many more.

How Many Times Can I Create WhatsApp Chats With This Generator?

The good news is that you can use this fake chat generator for free. You have unlimited opportunities to create fake conversations. Plus, you don’t need to register or log in; just open this tool and start using it without any hassle.

How to Annoy Your Friends on WhatsApp?

Well, this is really fun. Friendship is about playing pranks, having fun, and flirting a lot. By using a fake chat generator, you can annoy your friends. For example, you can use this tool to create unexpected fake conversations with celebrities or fake gossip with other people. Then share the chat image with your friends.

How to Use Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator for Marketing?

Digital Content Marketing has become the most important marketing strategy to promote any brand or company. It is realized that no business can survive without digital marketing content. While everyone is trying to use these strategies, getting unique recognition on social media has become quite a challenge. If you want to play smart and practice the right content with the right images without spending a lot on advertising and without publishing actual content on social media, in that case, you can use our WhatsApp conversation simulator. You can train staff and students by providing them with an authentic environment to learn digital content marketing without wasting a lot of resources.

How to Generate Fake WhatsApp Conversations

Using our fake WhatsApp chat generator to create the conversations you want is very easy. After entering our page, you will find a control panel on the left side to customize fake WhatsApp conversations. At the top, you will find the option to select a live preview of the fake chat. You can directly upload a profile photo and edit the name, time and activity status from the template by clicking the ‘pencil’ icon. Once you have finished creating your fake WhatsApp chat, click ‘Download WhatsApp Conversation as Image’. You can then share the chat image with anyone you want.

Note: Email, Password, Address and Name generated from our website are 100% valid to use but the email generated here does not work like a real email address. Even randomly generated street addresses do not match real addresses. All details are randomly generated. The email addresses, passwords, names and address details generated by our website are for data testing purposes only. This will help you not to reveal your email address to avoid spam and protect your personal information.


By using the fake WhatsApp chat application, you can create funny fake conversations and annoy your friends. In this article, we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to use the app and its benefits. Don’t hesitate to try a fun prank using the fake WhatsApp chat application!

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