The Adventures of the Milkman: A Historical Documentary of Latvia’s Iconic Rock Band

The Adventures of the Milkman: A Historical Documentary of Latvia’s Iconic Rock Band

On Saturday afternoon, rock music fans gathered at the National Library of Latvia to witness a special premiere.

The almost 30-year history of the group “Pienvedēja adhanumumi” has been summarized in a documentary film made by director Jānis Orbidāns. While the first viewers get to know the film, the band is preparing for the concert behind the scenes.

“I have a nice feeling that there is another stage, that something is done, another job is done. Other people’s vision of your work is a much better reflection of who you are, because often you yourself can’t even appreciate how much it is good or bad,” says the soloist and bassist of the band “Pienvedėja adhanivumi” Māris Žigats.

The making of the film was an opportunity for the band’s musicians to see themselves anew, to remember what they had experienced and to appreciate what they had done with different eyes.

“The context of the 90s, that we were, you could say, the first group that recorded music in a professional studio, that maybe it doesn’t seem like anything special to us, because nowadays everyone does it, but it has perhaps inspired many”, says the band’s drummer Pēteris Lunde.

“I remembered a lot of things that might have been – yes, that’s right, we also had such a concert, we also performed there. It’s like flipping through an old album, old pictures, photographs,” compares the band’s guitarist Aldis Lunde.

Director Jānis Orbidāns admits that the process of making the film was not as easy and smooth as planned: “The very first time in 2017, when I started shooting the film, I went to their studio, where they created the new album “Nelaiks”.

I went to them and – well, then the interviews, well then we start, you have a tragic event there… And I feel that they are looking at me – boy, you have come here, paga, paga, paga…

It’s that they block, and then slowly, slowly, when you live with them, call them, go to concerts, being there, you grow a little with them, and then they open up.”

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After the premiere of the film, “The Adventures of the Milkman” took the stage to delight the fans with the most popular songs.

Attendee of the event, music journalist Kaspars Zaviļeiskis notes: “The fact that “The Adventures of the Milkman” deserves such a film – unequivocally! It is a nice story, even if the film may not claim to be a masterpiece of documentary cinema in the artistic sense, it is a cool told story, where, I I think that both the old and especially the young see something new and look at it differently. If you look at it, this is already a legend of our new Latvia, it’s not something Soviet, something from those times.”

The film about “The Adventures of the Milkman” will also be shown in cinemas, but the group promises to continue performing and celebrate its 30th anniversary in the spring.

A film was made about the group “Adventures of the milkman” 8 min


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