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COVID Vaccine Fraud and Scams: How to Protect Yourself in Catalonia 2022

This year, according to the Public Security Survey of Catalonia (ESPC) of the Department of the Interior, approximately one in three Catalans reports having been the target of scam or fraud in 2022, highlighting an increase in online crimes, which represent 34%. The National Police warns of a new fraudulent tactic that involves text messages reporting a false dose of the Covid vaccine, supposedly from the Ministry of Health.

This ‘phishing’ case seeks to induce victims to click on a link that downloads a malicious file by mentioning a supposed selection for an extra dose with branded options. Similar scams have also been reported through calls from Social Security, requesting personal data under the pretext of offering a booster dose. In these cases, scammers seek to obtain a six-digit verification code, which, inadvertently revealed by the victim, allows them to take over the WhatsApp account. The Police advise not downloading suspicious files, reporting the incident to a police station and following disinfection steps in case of download.

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In addition, it is urged to be wary of telephone calls and not to provide information, as well as not to comply with hasty requests or requests from unreliable sources. It is recommended to consult directly with health professionals to clarify doubts about the administration of doses of the Covid vaccine and not make payments or disclose verification codes to strangers.

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