Perugia vs Itambe Minas: LIVE updates and match analysis of men’s club volleyball world championship 2023


12-8 The referee blows the whistle for a block by Perugia on Marcus Coelho’s attack, but no one touched it, Giannelli goes to protest under the referee’s chair.

12-7 Paulo returns the favor from nine meters.

11-7 Semeniuk’s service ends up outside.

11-6 Marcus Coelho’s pipe is out, another break for Perugia!

10-6 Second intention lob by Giannelli, pure poetry.

9-6 Paulo plants a crazy nail in parallel.

9-5 Renan’s serve hits the net.

8-5 Sanchez this time passes through the wall.

8-4 Marcus Coelho’s serve fails.

7-4 Deep diagonal from Sanchez from the second line.

7-3 YOU CAN’T PASS! Wall of Flavius ​​on Marcus Coelho Vinicius.

6-3 ACEEEEE BY PLOTNYTSKYI! Perugia probably has the best batting band in the world.

5-3 Sanchez’s long serve.

4-3 Renan responds to the center.

4-2 Another first half, this time it’s Flavio.

3-2 Pipe winner by Paulo, Minas’ number 6 is certainly the attacker to keep under control.

3-1 Giannelli immediately forces the game for Solè.

2-1 Hand-out by Paulo from place four.

2-0 Sanchez attacks directly into the net, an immediate break for Perugia.

1-0 We start immediately with a point from Semeniuk.

15:59 L’Itambé Minas responds with: Gustavo Orland, Paulo, Vinicus, Sanchez, Renan, De Geovani and Nascimento.

3.57pm This is the sextet from Perugia: Giannelli, Herrera, Solè, Flavio, Semeniuk, Plotnytskyi and Colaci.

3.55pm The official warm-up phase has officially ended, everything is ready for the start of the match!

3.52pm In the history of the Club World Cup, only Sada Cruzeiro and Trento have managed to win the title in two consecutive editions.

15:49 Perugia and Minas have already faced each other in the group stage a few days ago, on that occasion the Block Devils left their opponents no chance (3-0).

3.46pm Minas instead finished Pool A in second place, while in the semi-final they prevailed 3-2 over Suntory Sunbirds.

3.43pm Perugia has dominated this competition up until now, finishing Pool A top and overcoming Halkbank Ankara in the semi-final, without losing a single set.

3.40pm Everything is decided today: Perugia challenges Minas to make history and win their second consecutive world title.

3.37pm Good afternoon and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of Perugia-Itambe Minas, a match valid for the final of the 2023 Men’s Club Volleyball World Cup.

Friends of OA Sport, good morning and welcome to the LIVE Perugia-Itambe Minasmatch valid for the final of the 2023 men’s club volleyball world championship. The moment of truth has finally arrived, today the Block Devils will go in search of a second world championship after the title won last year, on their way are the Brazilians Itambe Minas.

Perugia comes to this event undefeated, without even a set of people. The Umbrians dominated Pool A, overcoming Itambe Minas and Ahmedabad Defenders, before destroying Ngapeth and Abdel-Aziz’s Halkbank Ankara in the semi-final. Itambe Minas instead finished Pool A in second place and in the semi-final Muserskij’s Suntory Sunbirds surprisingly prevailed with a battle that ended 3-2. Perugia is hunting for a feat: in the history of the Club World Cup only Sada Cruzerio and Trento have managed to win two consecutive titles, the Umbrians have everything it takes to join this limited club. There are two direct clashes between these two teams, both at the Club World Cup, with Perugia always able to prevail 3-0. On paper, despite the absences of Roberto Russo e Wilfred LeonAngelo Lorenzetti’s team starts with all the odds.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of Perugia-Itambe Minas, a match valid for the final of the 2023 men’s club volleyball world championship, real-time news, minute after minute, point after point, emotion after emotion, so you really don’t miss anything, the match will kick off at ore 16:00!

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