The Face of Recovery: The Story of Cody Gibson’s Battle with Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation


A bodybuilder in Los Angeles, USA, spent months experiencing an addiction to illegal drugs that almost destroyed his life. This condition made the appearance of the man named Cody Gibson change drastically.

Cody’s story and photos were shared by his mother, Jennifer Salfen-Tracy, via her Facebook account in 2019. Cody, who was originally a bodybuilder, turned into a drug addict who destroyed him mentally and physically in just seven months.

This caused the 26-year-old man’s weight to drop drastically, his skin was badly injured and damaged, his mental condition was very bad, and he became homeless. The differences between the photos are so stark, they serve as a warning to the public about how serious addiction can be.

“These photos were taken seven months apart. That’s how quickly someone is affected,” wrote Jennifer, quoted from (10/12/2023).

Cody was addicted to Methamphetamine or methamphetamine for seven months. Methamphetamine or meth can provide excess energy to people who consume it.

This can cause people who consume it to lose weight quickly, experience dental problems, skin sores, and other health problems. This drug can also cause severe damage to the brain, memory loss, paranoia, and even psychosis.

Jennifer said that during Cody’s addiction, she didn’t hear from her son for weeks because he was still homeless in Los Angeles. He admitted he couldn’t sleep at night because he was worried about the unknown.

“I’ve learned over time that so many people and families face the same heartache but don’t talk about it,” Jennifer explained.

“This is a real problem in the world today that we need to work on together, and focus on fixing it rather than governments worrying and spending all their money blaming each other,” he wrote.

To overcome his addiction, Cody underwent rehabilitation at a rehabilitation center in his city. He started living healthily again and underwent recovery.

A year after Cody began his journey to recovery, his mother happily shares his progress. Cody has also returned to work and can be with his family.

“The road was not easy for him or any of us involved, but I am so grateful that my son is alive and conscious today,” Jennifer said.

“Now I want to say that Cody is the ‘Face of Recovery,’ not the ‘Face of Heroin and Meth,'” he continued.

In posts on his social media, Cody also admitted to being addicted to using drugs. However, now he is able to recover and find healing.

“I do drugs. Of course I do. I’m an addict, that’s a fact,” Cody said.

“But I also found healing,” he concluded.

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