Covid, students in Beijing demonstrate against restrictions

This is a very rare demonstration of dissent in front of the main entrance to the university which has formed the country’s ruling class for decades. The young man said that a student began by holding up a blank sheet of paper, a gesture that has become the symbol of protest against censorship in China, and within minutes she was joined by other women. On the web, videos show a crowd outside the university cafeteria, gathered around a young man shouting: “This is not a normal life, we’ve had enough. Our life wasn’t like this before!”. Another video, apparently filmed in the same place but later removed from social media, shows students shouting: “Democracy and the rule of law, freedom of expression”.

The protest also spreads to Wuhan – The protest against the anti-Covid restrictions in China also reaches Wuhan, the Chinese city symbol of the epidemic, where hundreds of protesters have poured into the streets.

Protests also in Shanghai – After Beijing, Shanghai also took to the streets. Hundreds of people demonstrated in the city center, where protests had already erupted at dawn against the Chinese government’s ‘zero Covid’ policy. Protesters held up sheets of paper and white flowers, remaining silent at several intersections, before police arrived and dispersed them, the witness said.

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