Covid, Milan worries: infections doubled in 7 days

MILAN – Also the threshold of one thousand cases is exceeded. Saturday in Lombardy the count of infections of the second wave has reached 1.140 new infections ascertained, although on the basis of 22,910 swabs performed (17% of the national total), therefore with a ratio of 4.9 percent.

The Milan figure is of concern (587 cases, of which 312 in the city) but in the Region the number of admitted to intensive care (44), which did not undergo any increase yesterday.

Since yesterday, however, another 37 people have entered the hospital, for one total of 408 hospitalized with symptoms.

This is the scenario of the region which since 21 February has found itself at the center of the epidemic.

At the moment no new measures to limit economic and social activities seem in sight, but more than anything else because – while the data of these weeks are analyzed – the Lombard government is waiting for the new Palazzo Chigi decree, with respect to which, eventually, it can only assess further restrictions.

“We are facing increases of 10-15 percent per day – observes Vittorio Demicheli, medical director of the Ats in Milan – and this means a doubling within a week or so, therefore the contagion does not run as in the initial weeks of March, but in any case it begins to be rather fast ».

The other cause for concern is that, unlike what happened during the first phase, now the virus is advancing mainly in the city and, as Demicheli points out, “support for broadcasting is stronger in a metropolitan context”.

An alarm that directly involves your healthcare company: “Up to 1,500 or even 2,000 calls a day we can make the mechanism that provides individual contact of the doctor, tampon and isolation work. Beyond this threshold it is more difficult, but we are studying measures that speed up the process, including the unpleasant hypothesis of a text message that communicates the result of the swab in real time».

Meanwhile, the front of the flu vaccines, around which political controversies and also an interest of the public prosecutor’s office have matured.

The Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa) has not granted authorization for the batch of 100,000 vaccines supplied to the Region by the Chinese company Life On. For its part, Aria, the purchasing center of Palazzo Lombardia, ensures that “no vaccine will be acquired, and therefore distributed, that has not obtained the authorizations required by law and the consequent scrupulous checks”. In short, Chinese vaccines will not be paid for. “All this – concludes the Aria – does not affect the flu vaccination campaign as the doses already acquired in recent months amount to 2.9 million”.


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