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Covid-19. Vaccination starts this morning … at low speed

A minima ! Only two establishments for the elderly are launching, this Sunday, December 27, the vaccination of their first residents against the Covid : a long-term care unit in Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis) this morning, and the nursing home from the hospital Dijon (Côte-d’Or) this afternoon. A soft start therefore, in principle, in order to comply with the announced European calendar.

The “main body” will be for later. In mid-January. This is precisely the date that Jean-Marc Venard has set for himself. The director of the “Jardins de Matisse” (104 residents) at Grand-Quevilly (Seine-Maritime) is ready or almost, after 48 hours of intense preparation with the Regional Health Agency. The big day at his place will be Monday the 18th in the morning.

“We wrote a letter to general practitioners asking them to come and do the pre-vaccination visit to their patients. We also wrote a newsletter for families. On January 4 and 5, we will reunite the residents with the coordinating physician and an epidemiologist. ” As for the team in charge of vaccination, it is already constituted.

“Between humans”

Jean-Marc Venard estimates that he can vaccinate between thirty and fifty residents on a daily basis. “We will have to do it very quickly. Once extracted from the super-freezers, the doses should be injected within the following five days. A lot of logistics ”, he admits. How many people will agree to be vaccinated at home? It is impossible to know for the moment, the collection of consent having not yet started. It will certainly be necessary to compose between confidence and mistrust …

“Each person, capable of giving consent or not, will do so independently. For disoriented residents, we will contact trusted people, families. Otherwise, it will be up to caregivers to decide to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, in view of each other’s vaccination history, by evaluating the benefits and risks. We will manage this serenely, between human beings. “

The main concern of Jean-Marc Venard is rather the availability of doctors who will have to multiply pre-vaccination consultations in addition to their office work. “If another wave of contaminations sweeps over France, general practitioners will quickly be overwhelmed and this will necessarily pose a problem. “ This could delay the consultations and the immunization schedule established by the cord … “In case of difficulty, we are encouraged to alert our health agency as soon as possible. “

Risk of conflicts?

If it is shared by several of his colleagues, the optimism displayed by Jean-Marc Venard for the collection of consents from residents is not yet unanimous throughout the profession. Pascal Champvert, he is very worried. And he says it.

The man runs five establishments in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (Val-de-Marne). He also chairs the Association of Directors in the Service of the Elderly. “In 90% of cases, this consent will not pose any major problem. Relatives will come to an agreement among themselves. But in the remaining 10%, we are unfortunately not immune to hard conflicts within families, ” of a judicialization of vaccination or non-vaccination, fears Pascal Champvert. Note that a new consent will be required for the injection of the second dose of the vaccine, three weeks after the first.

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