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Cho Eun-hee’s guts…Returns Seocho-gu’s property tax by half despite opposition to Seoul city

picture explanationEunhee Cho, Director of Seocho-gu [사진 = 서초구청]

-Seocho-gu mayor Cho Eun-hee initiated the property tax refund procedure. Mayor Cho has recently declared a run for the mayor of Seoul.

“Seocho-gu will begin the property tax refund process from the 28th” through his Facebook on the 27th, said, “In accordance with the revised ordinance on October 23rd, “one household with a disclosure price of 900 million won or less” “We want to reduce 50% of the property tax for the old subdivision.

In a situation where Corona 19 is serious enough to be discussed up to the 3rd step of distancing, and the economic suffering of residents is increasing, it is a measure to provide even a little help, said Chief Director Cho.

Seocho-gu previously issued an amendment to the related ordinance to promote a 50% return on property tax to one homeowner of one household of 900 million or less, within the scope of the authority of the head of the local government stipulated in the Local Tax Act (Article 111, Paragraph 3). Passed.

Mayor Cho made a proposal to reduce property tax in 24 other districts of Seoul as well, but the mayor of these districts, all of which belong to the Democratic Party, objected at once. For the first time since the enforcement of the local autonomy system, Seoul Metropolitan Government has filed a lawsuit for confirming invalidity of ordinances and an application for a decision to suspend execution.

“Seocho-gu hoped that the legal judgment would be made quickly, but it could not be postponed any longer by the end of the year,” said Cho Gu mayor. It is because the obligation arises.

The Seocho-gu Office will send a refund notice enclosed with a refund application form to residents starting on the 28th, and after a 10-day notice period, applications will be accepted from January 7th next year.

“If the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security and the Seoul City cooperate with the tax data for one household, there is no need for the cumbersome process of receiving a refund application form from each resident, and the refund amount will be deposited directly into the target account with one click.” “However, no matter how much an official letter is sent to cooperate with data, the government and the city of Seoul are Mai Dongpung.”

“In the digital age of the 21st century, residents have to fill out the necessary documents such as personal information consent form and submit them to the ward office, and the ward officials must do the work one by one by hand,” he said. “Corona 19 is being re-proliferated. “It is a pity for the government and the Seoul Metropolitan Government to conduct a punitive, punitive administration that takes a long time only to file documents in an urgent disaster situation.”

He also criticized the government’s real estate tax policy. “The property tax and acquisition tax in Seoul next year will increase more than 800 billion won from this year.” “Citizens are bent over corona and tears cover the front. Even if the tax is cut, the city of Seoul will collect more than 800 billion won. Does that make sense. The reverse train that goes backwards, turning away from people who are in trouble, has to stop immediately,” he argued.

He then demanded that Seoul help Seocho-gu with a 50% return on property tax and immediately withdraw the Supreme Court complaint. The Ana emphasized that other local tax reductions should also be actively promoted.

“The mayor of Seoul can add or subtract the acquisition tax, local income tax, resident tax, and local education tax within the range of 50% by a legal procedure,” said Gu mayor Cho. “Resident tax is not much in terms of amount, but if it is reduced, it will be a small but great comfort. He suggested that a policy to reduce property tax should also be promoted to good landlords who reduce the rent for shopping malls.

He said, “If you haven’t bought the corona vaccine, you should give it to the people even if it’s a tax vaccine,” he said. “Please open your ears to the voices of the desperate citizens and stop the’symptoms roadmap’ immediately.”

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