Covid-19: vaccination between the second and fourth waves reduced deaths in the elderly by 96% | News

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) pointed out that vaccination against covid-19 in the elderly allowed the death rate to decrease by 96.8% between the second and fourth waves, which shows that immunization continues to be the best strategy to save lives.

Likewise, inoculation of the covid-19 vaccine in the adult population showed a 98.5% reduction over the same reporting period.

As for the mortality rate, vaccination allowed a 92.6% reduction in the elderly population between the second and fourth waves, and in the adult population the reduction was 95.9%.

In this sense, Dr. Paul Pachas, adviser to the office of the Deputy Ministry of Public Health in Minsa, pointed out that although many factors have contributed to this significant decrease in mortality and lethality rates, the most evident and important is the vaccination process, in addition to the increase in the number of ICU beds, hospitalization, the availability of oxygen and the best experience of health personnel in the management of severe cases of covid-19.

on mortality, During the first wave, for every 100,000 seniors affected by covid-19, 1,501 died; in the second wave 1,796; in the third wave of 224 and in the fourth wave only 58 died. Of the same group, but in relation to lethality, in the first and second wave one in 3 died affected by covid-19; in the third wave of every 18, one died and in the fourth wave of every 37, one died.

In the adult population, the effectiveness of vaccines was also reflected, since mortality in the first wave was of every 100,000 infected people, 192 died; in the second wave 268; in the third wave, 16 and in the fourth wave, 4 died.

Recall that, in the first wave, at the highest peak, 14,482 deaths were recorded in one week; in the second wave 5,700; in the third wave 1,414 and in the fourth wave 301 dead.

That said, Dr Pachas recalled that vaccines are safe, free and of quality, so he recommended that populations, especially those with comorbidities, like seniors to complete their vaccination scheduleand parents to go to health facilities and vaccination centers to complete the vaccination card for their minor children to protect them from covid-19.

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