This college restaurant hunts down litter and even uses peels in its dishes

The chef at Niort’s university restaurant is imaginative and clearly focused on anti-waste. Very useful talents in the era of savings in collective catering. We explain how it is done.

Here is a recipe for the fruit cake, a little peculiar. Eggs, butter, bananas, basic ingredients for a fruit cake, but here the chef adds a personal touch.

We really use whole banana. The skins are decontaminated. They are cooked in the steam oven. Then we mix them.

Christophe Baraton, chef – Niort university restaurant

At the end of the process, a compact paste emerges, reintroduced into the recipe for this dessert. Save up to three kilograms of bananas. An idea of ​​a house synonymous with waste hunting, which has become a leitmotiv in this restaurant of the university of Niortais.

Chop the tomatoes as tightly as possible or recycle the sweet potato skins to make chips or chips, here everything edible goes into the pan. The goal is really to reduce food losses.

Another initiative to reduce waste is to adapt individual rations, 90g for a tomato starter and 100g for mixed salads. An approach that reduced the weight of waste per dish from 145g to 30g. The key is a great economy and menus kept at € 3.30 for students.

We will order less and therefore have less stock. It is also less money to sleep and to spend.

Karine Peltier, Crous director for the Niort and La Rochelle sites

The next step for the university restaurant in Niort is to increase the share of organic. Today it is 10%.

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