Minister of Health reaffirms position on dengue vaccines amid surge in cases in Peru

The Minister of Health, rose gutierrezreaffirmed his position regarding the use of vaccines to deal with the denguewhose advance in the first weeks of 2023 already triples the number of cases registered during 2022 and 2017, years that registered more cases as a result of the incidence of the El Niño Phenomenon. In this sense, […]

“Submarine Only: Plovdiv Neighborhoods Flooded After Heavy Rain”

You can only pass here by submarine! This is what the people of Plovdiv commented after the downpour that poured into several neighborhoods of the city. The rain, accompanied by thunder, was the strongest in “Kuchuk Paris”. The Komatev junction is under water, and crossing is a matter of luck. From a video published on […]

“Minsa Warns of COVID-19 Cases Increase and Importance of Vaccination in Peru”

Last Friday, the Minister of Health, rose gutierrezreported a slight increase in cases of COVID-19 in Lima and other regions of the country, in recent weeks. “We are in epidemiological week 11 and we have identified that the cases have increased in Lima, Lima provinces, Ica and in the north of our country”, indicated the […]