Couperose: what it is, causes and how it manifests itself

The couperose in scientific terms it is called rosacea. It is a chronic disease, which usually occurs on the face, characterized by redness with real flare-ups and irritations.

It can occur at any time, although it occurs especially after the age of 30 and leads to redness on the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. This redness is almost never fixed, but appears intermittently. There are also more severe forms. In this case, rosacea can also be present on the neck, chest, scalp and ears.

When and how it occurs

Statistics say that about one in ten people can have this phenomenon with persistent redness on the face caused by the dilation of blood vessels which are therefore more visible.

On the aesthetic front, the problem can be experienced in a negative way, also because of the redness are provoked from different stimuli such as ultraviolet rays, heat, cold, intense emotions, alcohol intake or perhaps after drinking hot drinks.

Though the rosacea it can affect both sexes, in women the disease occurs more frequently, even if hormonal imbalances are present, while in men cases can be more serious but obviously are not affected by these mechanisms.

Also pay attention to microcirculation, because the capillaries are like very thin rubber tubes. When it comes to exposure to the sun, ultraviolet radiation can cause their expansion and therefore the loss of elasticity that over time makes them become more “flaccid” with a weakness of the microcirculation. This loss of elasticity can also be at the origin of couperose on the face and telangiectasias. Heat can have a similar action, especially following changes in temperature.

On the front of the treatment, you should always ask your doctor for information, but in general terms remember to limit the potential elements of risk as much as possible.

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