True ID shooting bright red. Liverpool vs. Manchester Utd. 205 times.

True ID and True English Premier League are full of fun, the World‘s No.1 Football League, the game that football fans around the world have been waiting for, the battle of prestige, Super Big, the 205 red brutal match

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Former champion “Reds” Liverpool “under the control of Jürgen Klopp open nest Anfield received the visit of the team’s all-time rival” Red Devils “Manchester United at Ole Gun. Narasol Char is leading the team to show a hot form. He has successfully risen to the top of the table, leading Liverpool in 3 points out of 17 matches, with the Premier League seat at stake. Watch live via True Visions and True ID screen time 23:30 – 01:30 on the True Premier Football HD channel. 1 and 2 (600/602)

Premier League program, match 18

Saturday night, January 16, 2021

Wolves – West Bromwich (L) 19.30-21.30 True Premier Football HD 1 and 2 (600/602)

West Ham-Burnley (L) 22.00-00.00 True Premier Football HD 1 and 2 (600/602)

Leeds United – Brighton (L) 22.00-00.00 True Premier Football HD 3 (603)

Fulham – Chelsea (L) 00.30-02.30 True Premier Football HD 1 and 2 (600/602)

Leicester – Southampton (L) 03.00-05.00 True Premier Football HD 1 and 2 (600/602)

Sunday night, January 17, 2021

Aston Villa – Everton (L) 19.00-21.00 True Premier Football HD 1 and 2 (600/602)

Sheffield United – Tottenham Hotspur (L) 21.05-23.05 True Premier Football HD 1 and 2 (600/602)

Liverpool – Manchester United (L) 23.30-01.30 True Premier Football HD 1 and 2 (600/602)

Manchester City – Crystal Palace (L) 02: 15-04.15 True Premier Football HD 1 and 2 (600/602)

Monday morning, January 19, 2021

Arsenal-Newcastle (L) 03.00-05.00 True Premier Football HD 1 and 2 (600/602)

Real footballers watch the 2020/21 Premier League season according to the program of the 18th game. Get the most exclusive, every pair, every field Between 15-18 January 2021 on True Premier Football HD Channel 1-4 (True Visions Channel 600-602-603-604), True Sport HD 2 (True Visions Channel 667)

Watch free True Premier League for all matches throughout the 2020/21 season, just open a new number, move to trade, or update monthly packages 1,399.- and get strong internet at full speed. True ID app, get privilege by dialing * 555 * 9 # call (1 Jan ’20 – 31 Jan ’21) Interested click

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