Corona crisis or not: Thousands of Munich celebrate on the Isar – Munich

Munich – Despite the Corona crisis, thousands of people celebrated in Munich over the weekend.

In the night from Friday to Saturday, up to 10,000 people were at the Isar at peak times, the police said. From Saturday to Sunday there were around 5000. According to the information, everything remained peaceful.

Things looked a little different on Leopoldstrasse, which became known as a party mile, especially after football successes. There, the police were reported early Sunday morning “a large number of aggressive people”. According to its own statements, it moved “with great effort” and met around 200 to 300 people there.

In the case of aggressively appearing police officers determined the personal details, and they also gave several orders to dismiss. Two people were reported for insulting the forces.

Even at popular places in the city center such as Gärtnerplatz and Wedekindplatz in Schwabing, the police said it was full. Because clubs are still closed due to the pandemic, the party scene in Munich is increasingly shifting to the streets and the Isar. It was often so crowded, loud and dirty on weekends in earlier years that residents complained.

On Saturday at shortly before midnight, police officers on Gärtnerplatz had to get partying to leave. The reason: “massive noise pollution from local residents, littering the gardeners’ square and the infection protection regulations that can no longer be complied with”. The police said there were no problems.

She reported “no disturbances or aggression” and took the following conclusion: “All in all, the party venues remained peaceful except for an unusual number of weekend-typical offenses, such as bodily harm, property damage and violations of the Narcotics Act.”


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