Cordobans are vaccinated more for the flu than for the Covid booster dose

The Cordovans called to be vaccinated against the flu and with the booster dose against Covid in the campaign started last October recorded a higher percentage of vaccination against the flu than the fourth dose against the coronavirus.

According to the latest data provided by the Health Council of the Andalusian government, 125,399 cordovan flu have already been vaccinated, while they have received the Covid dose of 101,367. The difference is about 24,000 people who, at the time of vaccination, came to receive the flu vaccination but not the fourth dose of Covid.

It should be remembered that in this vaccination campaign, which began on 3 October, up to now people over 65 have been called to vaccinate against the flu who, at the same time, could receive the fourth dose against Covid. As a percentage of coverage, 53.6% of the population group called to get vaccinated did so against the flu. Meanwhile, among those who could have already received the Covid booster dose, the percentage is 46.3%, already open to the population aged 60 and over.

Córdoba, at the forefront of vaccination

However, among the different provinces of Andalusia, Córdoba has one of the highest vaccination rates. As for influenza, the coverage of 53.6% in the over 65s is the second highest provincial coverage, behind only Jaén, which reaches 55.9%.

Health data indicate that in Andalusia 1,034,354 have already been vaccinated against influenza, 46.7% of the over 65s, the main target group of the campaign, in particular the over 80s and people in residence. In this group, by province, Almería has 84,805 vaccinated people (coverage of 45.2%); Cadiz, 130,138 (coverage of 37.2%); Cordova 125,399 (coverage of 53.6%); Grenada 125.39 (coverage 454.8%); Huelva 60,092 (coverage 44.1%); Jaén 107,820 (coverage 55.9%); Malaga 176,623 (coverage of 36.9%) and Seville 224,014 (coverage of 41.5%). The previous campaign, global coverage in people over the age of 65 reached 73.2%.

Meanwhile, in terms of vaccination coverage of the Covid booster dose, 63,781 doses have been administered in Almería since 3 October; 109,011 in Cadiz; 101,367 in Cordoba; 97,265 in Grenada; 47,592 in Huelva; 80,155 in Jaén; 137,118 in Malaga and 186,646 in Seville. In terms of coverage of the booster dose, known as the fourth dose, over 33% of the population over the age of 60 has been vaccinated to date.

vaccination campaign

The flu vaccination campaign and fall 2022 booster campaign began on October 3, when people in residential aged care centers and centers for the disabled began receiving the flu and covid vaccine. Also the population over 80 years old and the staff and students of health and social-health centers, residences and centers for the disabled.

On October 17, the shift began to receive the flu and covid vaccine for people between 65 and 79, as well as those between 5 and 64 with chronic conditions, pregnant women, highly dependent people and their caregivers. On this date, the infant population between 6 and 59 months old started receiving only the flu vaccine.

On 24 October, people between the ages of 60 and 64 began vaccinating against covid. From this date, groups of professionals, such as security forces and bodies, have started vaccinating themselves against the flu. In the case of prisons it has started against covid.

Starting from December 2022, and subject to the availability of doses, those living at home with people aged 65 and over or people at risk will be vaccinated against influenza and covid.

People included in vaccination groups can request appointments through the usual channels such as the ClicSalud + website, the Andalucia Health App and Salud Responde, by phone via Salud Responde or by contacting their health center.

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