Confusion about new exit rules in Italy – Coronavirus –

The Italians are unsettled

In Italy, “Phase 2” began on Monday with a relaxation of the strict curfew that had been in effect for almost two months. This is an important step back to normal. There is a little more freedom of movement in the country, but the starting rules are sometimes unclear and cause confusion.

After the epidemic curve has been declining for weeks, Italians are allowed to walk in parks again from Monday. Only individual sports, such as jogging, are permitted. Visits to relatives in the residential community are again permitted, but large family reunions and private celebrations are still prohibited. There has been much speculation as to how exactly the term “relatives” should be defined. Visits to partners or fiancees with whom you do not live together are allowed, but friends do not meet, the Interior Ministry said after long speculation.

Every passer-by must always carry a correctly filled-in self-declaration regarding the reason for the clearance, even in “Phase 2”. However, there is no need to state the name of the family member you are visiting. Four million Italians resume work on Monday. It is planned to restart industry and construction.

An open question is how the public transport systems will react to “phase 2”. Only 50 percent of the passengers who are normally admitted are allowed to travel on buses and subways. Entrances and exits to train stations and airports have to be controlled differently – for example by “one-way streets”. Offices should extend their opening hours to avoid peak hours. When flying, there should be a mask requirement.

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Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte called on the Italians to be duty conscious. “The country is in our hands. With prudence and determination we want to prevent Italy’s economic engine from coming to a standstill. However, we cannot start again without first thinking about the health and safety of all of us. I am confident that we will will create together, “wrote the Prime Minister on Facebook.


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