Do noodles cause death? | Beware of this cup if you are a liver patient “Nutrition Consultant Answers Patients”

Nutrition consultant Dr. Bassem Abu Bakr published his video on his official TikTok website, in which he explains the types of foods that affect the level of sugar in the liver and kidneys and that affect bone health, which he described as deadly.

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He said through the video: “Cup noodles are full of toxins that affect health, and they are considered nutritionally poor.

He pointed out: “Noodles are cooked starch. This substance raises blood sugar, exhausts the pancreas, affects the liver, and causes problems in the nervous system. In addition, the amount of sodium it contains is large, and thus causes fluid retention and affects blood pressure and kidneys.”

He drew attention to the fact that: “Noodles do not contain iron, calcium, protein, or fiber, and contain 300 calories due to starch and preservatives, especially monosodium salt.”

He continued to explain, saying: “Noodles create a kind of starvation effect after two hours and increase appetite, and this affects weight gain. They do not contain any anti-cancer substances that weaken bones and health.”

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