Opposition calls Draguignan mayor Richard Strambio a “concrete mixer”

Tense atmosphere, this Friday evening during the municipal council, in the Cordeliers room of Draguignan. Different “values”, suggests Jean-Bernard Miglioli (opposition LR). Or settling of scores?

At the heart of the debate, the signing of a plan to expand the interventions of the Public Land Establishment. This agreement will result in the construction of 157 new housing units per year, 55% of which will be dedicated to the Local Housing Program (PLH), or social housing that will be located in the outskirts of the city center.

If the elected official in charge of the file, Michel Ponte, insisted on the usefulness of this agreement, he did not convince the opposition. “Mr. Mayor, this signature will make you enter the inglorious list of the first magistrates concrete mixers and not developers of their territory”, said Jean-Bernard Miglioli (opposition LR).

“These will be chicken cages that will generate other problems. Why not instead redevelop the city center to accelerate the transformation of the old center?”

After long explanations, even a quick course in town planning, Michel Ponte, city councilor responsible for planning and town planning, recalled that in the long term the old center will also be rehabilitated.

“But the law concerning the PLH dates from twenty years ago. We cannot oppose it. We will never manage to have 25% of the figure imposed by the state by 2025. We try to respect it. as much as we can. This convention allows us to do that in real time and in good quality. “

With a nod, Jean-Bernard Miglioli showed some satisfaction. And thanked the elected of the majority to feed “a real dialogue, which we cannot say about you, Mr. Mayor.”

Richard Strambio decided not to rise and called for a vote. No surprise: the deliberation passes 32 out of 37 votes. The opposition has not changed its mind, despite the impassioned speeches of Michel Ponte.

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