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Complete encryption of all personal conversations and calls of users on Facebook and Messenger platforms has begun, similar to the WhatsApp application

Meta Platforms announced yesterday, Wednesday, that it has begun full encryption of all personal conversations and calls on Messenger and Facebook, stressing that the service is available to all users immediately, but it may take some time until all Messenger accounts are updated with full encryption to be within the default settings.

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Meta stated that the Messenger program previously had the option to turn on the full encryption feature, allowing messages to be read by the sender and recipient only, but with this change, messages will be automatically encrypted, similar to the WhatsApp platform of the same company, in order to protect users from piracy, fraud and exchange operations. Illegal substances.

Meta was criticized for leaking user data and the lack of controls on its social platforms to protect minors from harassers, and several countries asked Meta to modify its algorithms to provide more protection for its users.

The US state of New Mexico filed a lawsuit on Wednesday, accusing Facebook and Instagram of being a “fertile ground” for sexual deviants who target children.

The new lawsuit comes less than two months after dozens of US states accused Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, of making profits “from children’s pain,” harming their mental health, and misleading people about the safety of its platforms.

“Our investigation into Meta’s social media platforms shows that they are not safe spaces for children, but rather are prime sites for predators to traffic in child pornography,” New Mexico Attorney General Raul Torrez said in a statement.

Children can easily circumvent the age restrictions imposed by Facebook and Instagram by lying about their age, and thus some predators and sexual predators of minors contact them and exchange illicit photos.

Once on social platforms, children are targeted with metaware that not only seeks to keep them engaged on the platforms but directs them to inappropriate material, according to the complaint.

“Facebook and Instagram represent fertile ground for predators who target children for human trafficking, distribution of sexual images, and solicitation,” the lawsuit stated.

“Child exploitation is a horrific crime and online predators are determined criminals,” a Meta company spokesman said in response to an AFP inquiry.

He added that Meta’s battle against harassers includes the use of advanced technology, the assistance of experts in child safety, and the exchange of information with other companies and law enforcement agencies.

Meta suspended more than 500,000 accounts in August alone for violating child safety policies, according to a team at the company dedicated to this area.

The European Union monitors various social media platforms and sends warnings to them to tighten controls on them to protect user data and protect minors, who constitute a large segment of users.

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