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Xiao S: Physical Infidelity is Fine – The Don’t Let Me See It Premise

In love, the issue of physical infidelity and mental infidelity has always been discussed. In the Netflix series “At This Moment”, Wu Kangren and Xiao S (Xu Xidi) discussed this forbidden love. Returning to real life, Xiao S said: I think physical infidelity is fine.

The premise is don’t let me see it!Little S: I think physical infidelity is fine

The much-discussed Netflix series “Here and Now” stars Xiao S and Wu Kangren as married men and women who face an affair with their partner, and get to know each other and develop feelings for each other. When talking about the topic of cheating, Xiao S, whose husband Xu Yajun was frequently exposed to partying in nightclubs recently, blurted out: “Is it because I have been married for too long? I think physical cheating is okay, but only if you don’t let me see it.”

After being married for 18 years, Xu Yajun was photographed many times during carnivals, and Xiao S loosened her view on marriage.

Xiao S and Xu Yajun have been married for nearly 18 years and have three precious daughters. People who are eating melons must be familiar with it. It is not unusual for Xu Yajun to be exposed to hugging young girls many times and going in and out of nightclubs for carnivals. But in the eyes of his wife, Xiao S , so what?

After Xiao S said that physical cheating was okay, he then said: “If you can’t accept mental cheating, it means you are serious, and you may want to end a certain relationship forever.” This sentence is interesting, and it also reveals Xiao S’s attitude towards marriage. .

Wu Kangren talks about cheating: Don’t slap the other person before saying sorry

On the same topic, Wu Kangren, who is unmarried but in love with his girlfriend Shao Yuwei, responded: “I think it is better not to cheat! If you fall in love with someone else, or no longer love you, can you talk about it earlier? Two people get along in each other’s time. I think the exchange is very precious.”

Wu Kangren said: “You are willing to give the other person your time, and the other person is willing to give you her time, so if you feel less loved and want to take back some autonomy, I think this can be discussed.” Regarding physical or mental infidelity, Wu Kangren said bluntly, please don’t hurt the person who devoted his time to you: “Don’t slap the other person in the face before saying sorry”! What do you think about physical and mental infidelity?

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