| Companies: Tesla marks another maximum and seals rise of 4,000% since it started 10 years ago

The shares of the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla They have reached their historical maximum again this Tuesday, just three weeks after overcoming the barrier of US $ 1,000 per share, and just when yesterday marked the tenth anniversary of their IPO, in which the company has managed to revalue in more than 4,000%.

Today, ten years and a day after the company landed on Nasdaq with the initials TSLA, the company of Elon Musk It reached a price per share on the New York Stock Exchange of US $ 1,087.69.

On the day of its 2010 IPO, Tesla put its share price at about $ 17, slightly above its estimated range of $ 14-$ 16 and managed to close that session at $ 23.89.

Immersed in the search for a new technology for its batteries that allows cars to have about 650 kilometers of autonomy and a duration of up to 1.6 million kilometers, Tesla has achieved that during 2020, and in the midst of the pandemic by the COVID-19, its shares have risen more than 140%.

Analysts blame these increases on the commissioning of its factory in Shanghai, the start of manufacturing the Model Y at its original United States automobile plant in Fremont, California, and the company’s promises regarding the launch of an electric truck called Semi, an electric van known as Cybertruck, and various improvements in its technology.

The electric vehicle company is expected to release its second-quarter results as well as its car sales data in the coming days.

Experts surveyed by the multinational financial data and software Factset expect sales of around 72,000 vehicles, of which a total of 61,000 would be its model 3, the most popular.


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