CoFTRA Cannot Mediate Illegal Trading, Net89 Member, Auto Trade Gold, DNA Pro Bite Finger?

AROUND CIBUBUR – Plt. Head of the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CoFTRA) Indrasari Wisnu Wardhana explained that binary options are gambling activities under the guise of trading.

Because of that, CoFTRA as a regulator in the field of futures trading can not do mediation in the event of a dispute.

“We urge the public not to be easily tempted by advertisements. promotionand offering binary options applications or websites,” said Wisnu in a press release some time ago.

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Wisnu equates binary options with gambling activities because one only needs to guess the price of a financial instrument, such as forex, crypto, or a stock index to increase or decrease in a certain time.

If the guess is correct, the user will get a profit of less than 100% of his capital. However, if the guess is wrong, the user will suffer a loss of 100%.

In addition to binary options, Wisnu said, the rise of forex investment offers on the pretext of selling trading robots.

In fact, people are promised consistent profits and profit sharing with trading robot sellers.

Members who can recruit new members to join are even promised a bonus, in the form of sponsorship.

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