Serious 10-year prison sentence for Indra Kenz: lazy at work and extravagant!

Jakarta – Indra Kesuma alias Indra Kenz sentenced to 10 years in prison in connection with the Binomo case. The judge said the aggravating thing in the verdict was that Indra Kenz enjoyed the money from his crimes on a binge and lived in luxury. “The burdensome thing is that the defendant enjoyed the money […]

This is How Brother and Future In-laws Help Hide the Results of Indra Kenz’s Crimes

Jakarta – Police Criminal Investigation also set a sister Indra Kenz, Nathania Kusuma, and Indra Kenz’s future father-in-law, Rudiyanto Pei, as new suspects in the Binomo case. Police revealed the role of both. Karo Penmas, Police Public Relations Division, Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan, said Nathania Kesuma had a role in receiving a cash flow of […]

Legal Binomo Abroad, Police Have Difficulty Arresting Boss

JAKARTA, – The National Police’s Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) has received information about the identity of high-ranking officials Binomiala platform trading which provides trading assets in the form of gold, silver, stocks, and forex. Head of Sub-Directorate (Kasubdit) II of the Directorate of Special Economic Crimes (Dittipideksus) Bareskrim, Kombes Chandra Sukma Kumara said his […]

Bareskrim Polri Arrests Development Manager for Binomo Brian Edgar Nababan

JAKARTA, – The Directorate of Special Economic Crimes (Dittipideksus) of the Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) of the Indonesian National Police (Polri) arrested the Manager of the Development Platform Binomial named Brian Edgar Nababan. “A suspect has been arrested on behalf of Brian Edgar Nababan, then an investigation as a suspect has been carried out […]

Police Name New Suspect in Indra Kenz Case, Who?

Jakarta – The Bareskrim Polri said it would announce a new suspect in the Binomo case with the suspect Indra Kenz. The police have set new suspect. “There are already (suspects),” said the Director of Special Economic Crimes (Dittipideksus) of the Criminal Investigation Department Brigadier General Whisnu Hermawan when asked for confirmation, Saturday (2/4/2022). Separately, […]

Binomo Owner Allegedly Here, Already Received 7.9 Million Euros

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) is currently tracing the flow of Binomo’s illegal investment funds overseas. They even suspect that the recipient of Binomo’s funds is in the Caribbean. So far, PPATK has terminated 29 accounts with a value of Rp. 7.2 billion, which are suspected to be […]

Send Supra Rp 2.7 M, Rudy Salim Party Denies Helping Indra Kenz Tricks

Jakarta – The suspect in the Binomo application case, Indra Kenzit turns out that he only pretended to buy a luxury car from Toyota Supra GR to Rolls-Royce at showroom owned by Rudy Salim, Prestige Motorcars. Rudy Salim explained the beginning of the content was created. The video of Indra Kenz buying this luxury car […]

Bareskrim Reveals Indra Kenz Pretends to Buy Rolls-Royce for Content

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) Police suspect the suspect in the alleged fraudulent investment application BinomialIndra Kesuma alias Indra Kenz pretend to buy luxury cars to create content. The Head of the Public Information Section (Kabagpenum) of the National Police Kombes Gatot Repli Handoko explained that Indra Kenz was only proven to […]