Christian Chávez breaks stereotypes and poses in a crop top

Christian Chávez left behind the gender stereotypes associated with clothing and opted for a garment that is more common in women: a crop top, a decision that his fans applauded.

The singer shared with his almost 3 million followers on Instagram a Photography where he poses with a navel style tie dye, which combines the colors green, yellow and white and has the characters from the cartoon ‘Scooby Doo’ printed in the center.

“Crop top Wednesday (Wednesday) “, is the phrase that the actor also chose to accompany the snapshot, which so far has accumulated more than 137 thousand likes and more than a thousand comments.

“The nineties navel !!! I love you ”,“ I loved your look ”,“ Beautiful ”, are some of the messages who received the famous from his fans in the publication.

This is not the first time that the RBD member joins practices that are socially related to women, since he has also presumed that paint the nails.

The reason why the interpreter decided to color his manicure is to play ‘Matías’ in the soap opera ‘La Suerte de Loli’, which will hit the screens of Telemundo on January 26.

“This is Matías or Mati, personally I always had a problem with showing my feminine side for fear of being judged And who would say that today with these nails I feel empowered. Advice: let go of the p1nch * s fears and preconceptions and be happy “, He wrote next to a photograph he published on October 8, where he shows off his nails covered with white, black and yellow polish.

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christian chávez will be Matías in Loli's luck and he paints his nails

It is important to mention that crop tops were born in the 70s and were designed for men. This according to the Tmblr account ‘Crop Tops Are For Guys (The crop tops are for boys)’, which is dedicated to sharing photos of men wearing the iconic short shirt.

Fashion was also present in the 80s and 90s, and several celebrities joined it. For example, in 1986, the singer Prince posed wearing a black top to illustrate the cover of her album ‘Parade’. Meanwhile, in 1990, Will Smith he wore one in the movie ‘The prince of Bel Air’.

At present, figures such as Joaquín Bondoni They have shown that the trend is far from over and that it has even been transformed, because a few months ago the actor shared a photograph where he is shown wearing a black vinyl navel that also has marked cups in the bust area, typical in feminine garments. .

joaquín bondoni wears women's crop top


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