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Chinese ambassador to EU clarifies country’s relationship with Russia

China’s ambassador to the European Union said critics had misinterpreted his country’s relationship with Russia.

Fu Kong gave an interview to The New York Times shortly before French President Emmanuel Macron and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen left for a three-day visit to China.

European leaders are trying to balance their close trade relationship with China against US pressure to tighten their policies, especially in light of Beijing’s support for Russia since the start of the war. China is trying to cast itself as a mediator and assures that it respects Ukraine’s territorial integrity, while supporting some of Moscow’s military rhetoric.

However, the Chinese ambassador downplayed Russia’s and China’s declaration of “borderless” friendship from last year.

Just three weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine, Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping signed a joint statement declaring there were “no limits” to their countries’ friendship. However, Fu stressed that China is not on Russia’s side in the war, but some people “deliberately misinterpret this for the so-called friendship or borderless relationship.”

The EU decides on its relations with China on its attitude to the war in Ukraine

Relations with Beijing have become “more distant and more difficult”

“No borders” is nothing but rhetoriche emphasized.

Fu said China has not provided military aid to Russia, nor has it recognized its efforts to annex Ukrainian territories, including Crimea and Donbass.

Beijing did not condemn the invasion because it understands Russia’s claims of a defensive war against a NATO invasion and because the Chinese government believes “the root causes are more complex” than Western leaders claim, the diplomat explained.

China will not provide Russia with weapons to use in Ukraine now or in the futurehe assured.

Fu criticized US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken for his claim that China was considering providing Russia with lethal weapons.

Regarding the speech of the President of the European Commission, he noted that it reveals the inconsistency of the EU in its policy towards China.

China ready to deepen military ties with Russia

China ready to deepen military ties with Russia

Friendship between Beijing and Moscow – stronger every day

In her speech, Mrs. Von der Leyen described EU-China relations as “further and more difficult” and supported the perception of China as an assertive global player seeking to become “the most powerful country in the world,” Fu recalled.

However, he welcomed her statement that the EU should “de-risk” its relationship with China by imposing new ground rules rather than cutting ties with Beijing.

China and EU countries maintain significant trade relations.

The Chinese ambassador urged Europe to build its own policy, different from that of the USA.

Fu accused the United States of unfairly trying to rein in China’s development under the pretext of security concerns.

Ukraine heralds world war if China allies with Russia

Ukraine heralds world war if China allies with Russia

Zelensky believes that Beijing is aware of this

He said Europe should develop its own policies and develop more “strategic autonomy” instead of following Washington’s lead.

Fu asked directly whether Europe has gotten too close to the US after their deep agreement on support for Ukraine and whether this now risks Europe acting against its own interests in relation to China.

“The EU claims to be a big, independent center in the world, as much as the United States and China. So why should he listen to the United States all the time?“, the Chinese diplomat expressed bewilderment.

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