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“Cirebon District Records 299 Cases of Dengue with 2 Deaths in March 2023”

CIREBON VOICE – The Cirebon District Health Office (Dinkes) recorded 299 cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) until the end of March 2023. Of the hundreds of cases, two of them died.

Head of the Cirebon District Health Office, Dr. Hj Neneng Hasanah, through the Sub-Correction of Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (P2PM) in the Disease Prevention and Eradication (P2P) Division, Dr. Lukman Denianto, said that from January to March 2023 the Health Office recorded 299 cases of dengue fever in Cirebon Regency.

“There have been 299 cases in March with 2 deaths. Hopefully there won’t be a big spike,” said Lukman Denianto, Wednesday, April 4, 2023.

He explained that last year the Health Office recorded 678 cases of DHF in Cirebon Regency. Of these, 6 cases died.

Currently, there are five sub-districts with the highest dengue cases, namely Babakan, Sumber, Gebang, Astanajapura and Weru sub-districts.

“The cases that died in March this year were in the Gebang and Plumbon sub-districts,” said Lukman.

According to Lukman, DHF can be prevented with the 3M plus movement, namely draining, closing and recycling, as well as eradicating mosquito nests (PSN). This method is considered the most appropriate for controlling and preventing mosquitoes from breeding.

Lukman said, fumigation or fogging was considered not good enough. Because when using chemicals, mosquitoes can adapt and become immune to fumigation.

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