China encircles Taiwan with maneuvers: We are ready for a peaceful solution

As China continues its exercises around Taiwan, Beijing on Wednesday threatened using force The failure of a peaceful solution with Taipei, promised a high level of autonomy if united with China.

“You’ll push her into the abyss.”

China said it reserves the right to respond to the provocations of Taiwan independence supporters, noting that attempts to achieve Taiwan independence will push it into the abyss.

Meanwhile, an informed source told Reuters that Chinese navy ships continued their exercises off the eastern and western coasts of Taiwan this morning, Wednesday, as Beijing continues military exercises in protest against the visit of US House Speaker Nancy.
Pelosi told Al Jazeera last week.

The maneuvers continue

China has extended its largest-ever maneuvers around the autonomous island, which Beijing says belongs to, beyond the four days originally scheduled.

Last week’s exercises included launching ballistic missiles, some of which passed over the capital, Taipei, and simulating naval and air attacks in the air and waters surrounding Taiwan.

A video recording broadcast by China’s state-run China Central Television on Wednesday also showed Chinese fighter jets refueling in the air and navy ships in what it said were exercises around Taiwan.

Siege and logistics

The Eastern Operations Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army said the exercises focused on siege operations and logistical resupply.

Meanwhile, another informed source said that about 20 ships of the Chinese Navy and the Taiwan Navy remained until this morning near the demarcation line of the Taiwan Strait, an unofficial buffer zone separating the two sides.

“Preparations for the invasion”

Several other Chinese ships continued to carry out missions off the east coast of Taiwan, according to the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

It is noteworthy that Taiwan’s foreign minister said on Tuesday that China is using the military exercises as a plan to prepare for the invasion of the autonomous island.

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