Intel announces Arc Pro series discrete graphics for workstations

Intel Arc Pro

Intel was last yearAnnounced that its own graphics card product will be named “Arc”and published in March this yearLaptop display productsbut the desktop display alone isIchinobufurther delay, said that it was launched “this summer”, and the summer is almost half over. At this moment, Intel first threw out workstation-class graphics cards, and the series was named “Arc Pro”.

Arc Pro currently has three products, divided into A40 and A50 for desktop, and A30M for notebook. Among them, A40 is the thickness of “single card slot”, and A50 is the thickness of “dual card slot”, but looking at the pictures, both products are half-height graphics cards. In terms of detailed specifications, both the A40 and A30M have a computing power of 3.5 TFLOPS. The difference is that the A40 for desktops has 6GB of RAM, while the A30M for laptops has 4GB. The A50 is a more powerful processor with 4.8TFLOPS of computing power and 6GB of RAM.

All models support ray tracing, machine learning, and AV1 hardware-accelerated encoding, and offer 4 mini-DisplayPort outputs that can support up to two 60Hz 8K monitors, one 240Hz 5K monitor, two 120Hz 5K monitors, or four 60Hz monitors 4K screen.

Intel has yet to announce their prices, saying only that they will launch products later this year “with market-leading laptop and desktop ecosystem partners.”

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