Checklist of 11 true gamers Premier League soccer 2022/23 (link to enjoy soccer dwell)

List of 11 starting up gamers on the pitch

Manchester United:

  1. David de Gea (GK)
  2. Diogo Dalot
  3. Lisandro Martinez
  4. Rafael Waran
  5. Tyrell Malacia
  6. Scott McTominay
  7. Christian Eriksen
  8. Bruno Fernandes
  9. Jadon Sancho
  10. Marco Rashford
  11. Antonio Elanga


  1. Alisong Becker (GK)
  2. Trent Alexander-Arnold
  3. Joe Gomez
  4. Virgil Van Dijk
  5. Andrea Robertson
  6. Harvey Elliott
  7. James Milner
  8. Giordano Henderson
  9. Mohamed Salah
  10. Roberto Firmino
  11. Luigi Diaz

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