HOCKEY ONLINE: Great entry! Sparta leads Skelleftey in the Champions League round of 16

The Sparta hockey players are striving on the ice of the Swedish Skelleftey for the best possible starting position for revenge in the eight-final playoff of the Champions League. The match starts at 18:05, is broadcast live by Sport 1. You can watch a detailed online report on

Ondrej Deml, CTK

While Sparta advanced to the playoffs from Group A first, leaving Sweden’s Växjö, Germany’s Bremerhaven and TPS Turku, the Swedish champion of 1978, 2013 and 2014 finished second behind Tappara Tampere in the basic group and surpassed Eisbären Berlin and Lugano.

In the extra league, however, the people of Prague were struggling as a result before the national team break. They lost a series of eight losses by winning in Brno, but they are in eighth place, as expected. Before the Karjala national tournament, the home team was not very successful either, they are fifth in the Swedish league.

Sparta will start fighting for the quarterfinals of the Champions League outside, retaliating in Holešovice

The first matches of the Champions League round of 16 will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, retaliation is on the agenda a week later on 23 and 24 November. The winner will be known on March 1 and will receive a premium of 495 thousand euros (almost 12.6 million crowns).



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