Charlène, Prince Andrew gives news about his wife’s health conditions: how is the princess

Exactly one year after his departure from Monacothe subjects begin to wonder if Charlene he will never return to the Rocca. There Princessaway from court for reasons of salutehe never wanted to reveal any details about hers conditions it’s the same Alberto he has always tried to keep secrecy. This time, however, the prince could not escape the curiosity of the press and let slip some indiscretion.

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How is Charlène of Monaco doing

In an interview with Monaco Morning, Prince Albert II gave reassuring news about his wife’s state of health. “Princess Charlene is much better off,” Grace Kelly’s son admitted. “I hope you will return to the Principality very soon,” he added, without speculating on the exact date of her return. An understandable caution, given the expectations of the Monegasques regarding the return of the princess to the country.

The disease in South Africa

The former swimming champion returned to the Rocca on November 8, 2021, after a long period spent in South Africa, where she had stayed for about seven months due to an ENT infection, which prevented her from returning home by plane. This problem would have forced her to resort to a massive dose of sleeping pills in order to rest. However, the prolonged use of narcotics would have caused problems of addiction, which is why the princess, once she returned to court in November, would immediately leave for a Swiss clinic.

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Hospitalization in Switzerland

So far the Grimaldi family has preferred not to provide details on the real causes of the hospitalization: among the many hypotheses there are those who spoke of an alleged unsuccessful surgery, which is why Charlène would never have removed the mask from her face. Others spoke of a tumor pathology kept hidden up to now, but the hypothesis was immediately denied by Prince Albert, who asked several times to respect the privacy of his family. Assuring that when the princess returns, the subjects will be the first to know. Yeah, but when will she be back?

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