Characteristics of cracked leg bones, recognize the signs and treatment before it’s too late


It is important to know the characteristics of fractured leg bones, so that it is not too late to get treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to know more about fractured leg bones. Photo/Illustration/Sehatq

JAKARTA – Features bone It is very important to know that cracked feet are not too late to get treatment. Therefore it is necessary to know more about fractured leg bones.

Fractured or broken bones (bone fracture) is a health condition that is quite often found in everyday life.

Citing Medicalnewstoday which has been medically reviewed by Lauren Castiello, MS, AGNP-C, a certified adult primary care nurse practitioner-gerontology, a fracture is when the continuity of the bone is broken.

The most familiar causes of fractures or fractures usually occur due to high-impact forces or stress. However, fractures can also be caused by several medical conditions that weaken the bones such as osteoporosis and certain types of cancer.

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In addition to the hands, broken or fractured bones in the legs are very common. Leg fractures are caused by trauma to the leg bones as a result of an accident or repeated pressure on the leg bones.

As quoted from WebMD, which has been medically reviewed by Hansa D. Bhargava, MD, Tuesday (22/3/2022), the main symptoms of a broken or fractured leg bone are pain, swelling, deformity of the toes, and deformities such as Angulation is when the leg bends at rest, not at the joint.

There may also be shortening, the broken leg appearing shorter than the unaffected leg. In addition, other characteristics include bruising, redness, and being unable to walk, pain that worsens when the body moves but does not hurt when the body is still.

The most common symptom of a broken leg is pain. Other symptoms include bruising or redness, deformity of the toes, and an inability to walk on the sore foot.

So that the treatment is appropriate, when experiencing the above characteristics, you should immediately consult a doctor and perform an X-ray examination for a proper diagnosis.


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