Middle School Students in Jombang Beaten by Group of Pesilat Fighters to Breaking Bones

Jakarta – A Jombang middle school student with the initials IR fell victim to a mob of martial arts fighters. The 14-year-old teenager was beaten until his nose and ear broke. Reported detikJatim, Monday (12/19/2022) the incident started when the victim walked to school alone, Thursday (12/15) morning. When approaching her school, this eighth grader […]

Official, Marc Marquez resigns from MotoGP 2022

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – It’s not a secret anymore Marc Marquez so far the race with conditions that are not prime. racer Repsol Honda This finally decided to focus on recovering from his injury. Marquez It is said that he will undergo surgery on his right arm. He got the fracture at the start of the […]

Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency, Often Experience Mood Changes

CANTIKA.COM, Jakarta – Even though you live in a tropical country, the risk of vitamin D deficiency can still be traced due to deficiency vitamin D occurs in almost all age groups, including in tropical countries such as Indonesia. “Factors that predispose to vitamin D deficiency include; number of exposures sunlight, low intake of vitamin […]

Smoking Inhibits Fracture Healing

There are a number of things that can hinder the healing of broken bones or fractures and one of them is smoking, said dr. Muhammad Adib Khumaidi, Sp.OT Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology from the National Brain Center Hospital. “Smoking can damage blood vessels and reduce blood circulation,” said he who is a member of […]

Are You Experiencing a Broken Bone? Stop This Bad Habit……

GALAMEDIA – Orthopedic and Traumatology Specialist from the National Brain Center Hospital, dr. Muhammad Adib Khumaidi, Sp.OT said there were a number of things that could hinder healing condition broken bones or fracture and one of them smoke. “Smoking can damage blood vessel and lower blood circulation,” said he, who is a member of the […]

5 Bad Habits That Increase Osteoporosis Risk

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Osteoporosis is a condition of reduced bone density that easily causes minor accidents that can result in fractures, wrist, spine, and hip injuries. This condition generally occurs after the age of 50 years. However, many experience it before that age due to a poor lifestyle. “Osteoporosis — loss of bone density and […]

CGBIO Unveils Two New Bone Implantation Innovations in Indonesia

MENLO PARK – Incident broken bones is a global public health problem. In Indonesia, the results of the Research on the Basic Health Research and Health Development Agency of the Indonesian Ministry of Health noted that in 2018 fracture cases in Indonesia reached a prevalence of 5.5%. This shows that fracture cases are one of […]