Celebrities make themselves heard en masse with #Ikdoewelmee

Many Dutch celebrities have announced on social media that they are still ‘participating’ in the corona measures. This movement follows the messages of Thomas Berge, Tim Douwsma and Famke Louise, among others. With the hashtag #ikdoenietmeermee they announced that they were done with all corona measures and say, among other things, that they ‘together get the government down’, followed by the slogan: “Free the people”, which has been bastardized in the most special statements in a short time. . Famke has since moved on Jinek already told her story and stated ‘not to mean that’.

Yet many celebrities want to make it clear that they are still participating, including Chantal Janzen. After a long time she shares another video as her alter-ego Selfy. In the video she tells her ‘friends’ that she is still participating and calls on them to participate again.

Henry van Loon also responds to all the commotion and turns “Free the people”, Fruit of the pieplul.

Presenter Rijk Hofman takes a slightly different approach. He parodies the # ikdoenietmeermee videos and says, among other things: “Only together can we get corona under control. (…) I still do what I have done in recent months and have decided to listen to graduates, because I have no understanding of it. “

Britt Dekker shared her mother’s story on her Instagram. She writes that her mother works in intensive care and that she no longer wants such an outbreak of the virus. ‘Make your own choices, but I hope you will continue to participate in protecting all vulnerable people around us and all people in care,’ she concludes her message.

Claudia de Breij also questions this action and wonders whether doctors will soon be allowed to tell these celebrities that they no longer participate.

One of the celebrities who posted a # ikdoenietmeermee movie was Tim Douwsma. He responded to this promotion in RTL Boulevard.

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