Xbox Series X / S pre-orders were also chaotic, but more copies are on the way

Although the new Xbox is still available here

The start of the PlayStation 5 pre-orders was one downright miss from Sony. Microsoft wanted to do better by putting a specific date and time on the start of the pre-orders, but limited runs and server problems threw a spanner in the works.

Yesterday it finally happened: everyone could pre-order an Xbox Series X or Series S, but that didn’t go without the necessary stress. The Xbox Series X was quickly sold out at, but at the time of writing it is the Series S still available. Even the Xbox Series X is still available in Belgium at Media market and the Microsoft Store. You can find a complete overview of all stores where the console is available in us overview.

In America, however, pre-orders were a lot more disastrous. As with the PlayStation 5, many people could not order an Xbox due to limited availability. The fact that Microsoft’s own web store was struggling with server problems didn’t help either.

On Twitter, Xbox reports that there is immense demand for the Xbox Series X and S, even to the extent that records were broken. For people who have not been able to pre-order, Microsoft recommends signing up to stores for updates. More copies will be available on the release day.

Do you choose the Xbox Series S or the Xbox Series X? Let us know in the comments!

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