Bayern fans advised not to attend European Super Cup match


Duel Bayern Munich vs Sevilla of European Super Cup allowed to present spectators to the stadium. However, fans The Reds advised not to come there. Why?

Laga European Super Cup 2020 bring together Bayern as champions Champions League with Sevilla, champions Europa League. The two teams are scheduled to compete at Puskas Arena, Hungary, Friday (9/25/2020) in the morning WIB.

UEFA as Europe’s highest football body has given the green light so that the European Super Cup match can be attended by spectators. Even so, the number of fans who can enter the stands is limited to only 30 percent of the stadium’s capacity.

The green light of UEFA which opens the stadium on a limited basis has received various responses from various parties. Markus Soeder, Minister of the State of Bavaria, Germany, also spoke out about the decision.

Soeder appealed to fans of Bayern, a club from Munich which is actually in the Bavarian region, not to watch the match in Hungary. According to him, the city of Budapest as the venue for the European Super Cup is still at high risk of the Corona virus.

The 53-year-old man will oblige his citizens who are determined to directly support Bayern to Hungary with self-quarantine rules upon their return to Germany. This was done to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the region.

“I am worried about thinking about the European Super Cup. Budapest is a risky area, we have to be very careful,” Soeder said AS.

“I urge you to think back and see if this visit is necessary or not. Sure the European Super Cup is an interesting game, but it is not the most decisive game of all,” he said.

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