CD Tenerife fans will have to wait to go to Heliodoro | Radio Club Tenerife | Present

The president of the CD Tenerife, Miguel Concepcion, appeared in the official media of the blue and white team to analyze the news of the representative from Tenerife.

After affirming yesterday Miguel Angel Ramirez, president of the UD Las Palmas, that in the first match against Girona the Gran Canaria stadium would have an audience and could attend the match, today the La Palma leader ruled it out, at least in the short term: “Everyone’s desire is to see the stadiums with fans. They are the main and essence of football. We all have that longing. But above all, we must respect the protocol demanded by the health authorities, ensuring maximum security in terms of the protection of our fans. We will be up to expectations, open to any initiative taken by the health authorities regarding the return of the fans to the fields “.

The head of the Tenerife entity added: “Right now, the idea is that it starts with closed stadiums. We know that the coronavirus is there and we have to go with the utmost caution. We have no choice but to be respectful of the rules from the protocol between LaLiga, the Higher Sports Council and the Ministry of Health. What is recommended will be done. I don’t dare to anticipate that return of our fans to the Stadium, but the wish is for it to be as soon as possible, if the security measures are complied with ”.

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