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Causes and Treatment of Left Sided Headaches


Headaches may be a condition that you usually experience. However, maybe you are wondering when a headache is only felt on the left side.

In fact, headaches on the left or right do not indicate a particular condition. However, the following types of headaches can have symptoms of headaches on one side or both sides of the head.

Left Sided Headache Type

Headaches that appear on only one side or both sides can be caused by various disease conditions. Here are some types of headaches:

1. Tension Headache

Tension headaches are common headaches that cause mild to moderate pain. Quoting the Cleveland Clinic, some people feel the symptoms are like a tight knot around the head.

The pressure can be on one or both sides and the back of the head. Quoting Health Direct, triggers for tension headaches include stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, smoking, dehydration, and poor body posture while working or driving.

2. Migraines

According to eprints.uny.ac.id, migraine is a primary headache disorder that is severe and often recurs. Migraines can cause moderate to severe headaches on the left side of the head.

Migraine symptoms are intense, throbbing pain on one side of the head. Often this condition is accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to sound and light.

3. Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches can cause severe pain on one side of the head, often around the eyes. The pain is severe and may feel like burning or stabbing.

According to Medical News Today, the exact cause of cluster headaches is not yet known for certain. However, experts believe that this type of headache involves a part of the brain called the hypothalamus and nerves, as well as the blood vessels of the trigeminal system which affects the eyes and face.

4. Cervicogenic Headache

Cervicogenic headaches can be caused by injury to the neck or changes to the upper spine. This type of headache can cause sufferers to feel moderate to severe pain starting from the neck, then spreading to the eyes and one side of the face.

5. Vasculitis

Vasculitis is a type of blood vessel inflammation. This condition causes very severe headaches. The worst of the pain lasted for 1 minute, while the overall headache lasted about five minutes

Other symptoms can include pain on one side of the head or behind the eye, pain when chewing and sudden loss of vision. If you feel these symptoms, contact a doctor immediately, detikers.

6. Sinus Headache

Infections in the sinuses and accompanying inflammation can cause severe headaches. Sinus headaches feel like pressure spreading behind the eyes, along the side of the nose and sometimes right above the teeth. Usually accompanied by nasal congestion or post nasal drop.

Sinuses can also cause eye pain, ear discomfort and headaches on both sides. Even so, sometimes the headache you feel is only on one side.

7. Cervicogenic

Cervicogenic is a condition when a person experiences headaches caused by problems with the neck. This can be caused by various conditions, such as osteoarthritis, injury or poor posture. One of the symptoms of this disease is a migraine headache.

Another possible symptom is pain around the eyes. The neck also usually feels sore.

Causes of Left Sided Headache

Many things can trigger headaches. Starting from lifestyle factors such as eating late, to the use of certain medications.


Bad lifestyle factors can trigger headaches. Here are some of them:

Drinking alcohol Late eating Stress Lack of sleep Consuming processed foods that contain certain preservatives or artificial coloring Forcing yourself to do activities

Medical Factors

FluAllergiesDehydrationAnemiaCertain medications such as pain relievers, ergot and combination analgesics.

How to Treat Left Side Headaches

Usually, migraines are treated by taking over-the-counter medicines and resting. There are other ways that can be done, citing Medical News Today and Very Well Health, namely:

Manage stress Adopt a healthy, balanced diet and don’t skip meals Know the foods, drinks and other factors that trigger migraines Stay active in exercise Get enough sleep Do relaxation such as meditation or yoga Avoid alcohol and cigarettes.

That is the explanation of left side headaches. Hopefully this information helps you.

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